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PHARMAKON Crossbow Model- 3 Blade 100 Grn

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The PHARMAKON 3 CROSSBOW broadhead, with its patented coring technology, is like no other broadhead in the industry. When it comes to pure devastation and bone crushing performance, look no further. One glance at the PHARMAKON 3 CROSSBOW and you'll see that it speaks for itself. The PHARMAKON 3 CROSSBOW broadhead is the latest members to join the Flying Arrow Archery family. Like its big brother, the original TOXIC CROSSBOW, the PHAMAKON 3 CROSSBOW has all the great features of the TOXIC CROSSBOW and more. The PHARMAKON 3 CROSSBOW is much shorter than the TOXIC CROSSBOW and very aerodynamic, making this head very easy to tune. The PHARMAKON 3 CROSSBOW has a solid 1 piece, stainless steel ferrule and tip specifically machined to adapt smoothly to crossbow, bolt inserts. The new and improved 2018 “Quick Change, Solid Lock” blades provide a 7/8” cutting diameter and are heavier than the TOXIC CROSSBOW’s for even more durability. The PHARMAKON 3 CROSSBOW heads come in a custom, easy carry, 3-pack, making them ideal for hunters when packing gear. The PHARMAKON 3 CROSSBOW’s also have replaceable blades available. (Sold separately)


  • 3-Blade Low Profile Design
  • 100 Grains
  • 7/8" Cutting Diameter
  • Interchangeable Blades
  • One Piece Solid Stainless Steel Ferrule & Tip
  • (RCD) Radical Core Decompression Technology
  • (QCSL) Quick Change Solid Lock Technology
  • Bone Crushing Chisel Tip
  • New & Improved Blades
    - Thicker
    - Stronger
    - Sharper
  • Machined Specifically for Bolts




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