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First Hunt

Spring has passed and the thought of seeing color changing leaves 20ft up is on the mind; both on seasonal hunters and those seeking their first harvest this fall. If you have hunted for some time, it is likely that someone may ask you what they should invest in as a beginner hunter and archer. Hunting is not only a tradition but an addiction! Anyone who takes interest in hunting will soon understand this addiction is because they are captivated in the outdoors and providing organic meat.

Just as I do, many others learn something new each time they go and shoot. Whether it’s patterning a deer, the draw cycle, anchor, or equipment we use. As a veteran hunter and archer it is our duty, in tradition, to pass on what we learn to our newly discovered member of our family. I wouldn’t recommend my set-up to a new archer, however I would offer something similar in the product lines I use. Remember we have all once been there; want that sweet looking, meat eating, trophy taking set-up.

4 Tips for your first hunt

  • 1. Go to a Pro Shop. Do your research! If the shop appears to be limited on equipment, this may not be the best place for you to start. By finding the correct Pro Shop, you are putting the first step to successfully carrying out your harvest. These shops specialize in archery and hunting for one reason, they have years of experience and understand how numerous product lines work.
  • 2. Select equipment that you are comfortable with to execute an ethical shot. Technology has evolved bows so far today, that finding one to fit you for your first bow is rather simple. The performance and speed are seen across multiple lines. The key component for an archery hunter is the broadhead.
  • 3. Choosing a broadhead. The famous battle of the best broadhead, is never-ending. When selecting your broadhead begin by doing some research on your own, shops may appear to be bias on one or two models. You want to look for a broadhead that has a strong ferrule and well sharpened blades. I personally prefer the one-piece solid ferrule to withstand any element it may meet. Flying Arrow Archery has a broadhead in its line-up that will fit any archer’s demand for cutting edge and devastating, new or veteran!
  • 4. The MOST important tip! After you pick a properly spines arrow for your set-up; tune the bow! Any Pro shop should be able to tune your bow. I’m not just saying getting the sight on at 20 and everything aligned and level. Your Pro dealer should Super Tune your bow with you. This includes; leveling, paper tuning, timing check, and walk-back tuning. You are about to go create memories that will be shared with others for the rest of your life, you want them to be good. If the dealer is not capable of doing so, it is much worth going to one that can!

-Shoot Straight-

Tom D. Spisz
Hunter & Competitive Archer