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Aluminum Outserts for .165 ID Arrows-12Pk

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Compatible Aluminum Precision Fit for Micro Diameter Arrows: Optimize with .165" / .166" ID-Outserts

Explore precision effortlessly with our 12-pack aluminum outserts tailored for micro diameter arrows, compatible with both .165" /.166" IDs. Elevate your archery experience with these key features:

1. Micro Diameter Compatibility:

  • Crafted for micro diameter arrows, ensuring a snug and precise fit for enhanced stability and accuracy.

2. Tailored Weight Range:

  • Strategically designed with weights ranging from 37 to 52 grains, providing archers the flexibility to select the ideal outsert for optimal precision based on arrow spine.

3. Durable Aluminum Construction:

  • Robust aluminum construction adds resilience and longevity to your archery equipment, enduring the demands of intense sessions.

Why Choose Our Aluminum Outserts for Micro Diameter Arrows?

Tailored for Precision:

  • Designed specifically for micro diameter arrows, ensuring a precise and secure fit.

Weight Customization:

  • Select from the range to achieve the perfect weight balance, fine-tuning your arrow setup for optimal performance.

Enhanced Durability:

  • Robust aluminum construction withstands archery rigors, offering long-lasting performance and contributing to overall arrow durability.

Experience Micro Precision:

  • Upgrade your micro diameter arrow setup, enjoying the precision and stability that come with a perfect fit.

Order Your Package of 12 Aluminum Outserts Today:

  • Enhance micro diameter arrow performance with our 12 Aluminum Outserts package. Order now for heightened precision and stability in your archery endeavors.

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