TOXIC Broadheads

The original, patented coring broadhead that changed the industry forever. The TOXIC broadhead has a cult like following with a reputation fit for a King and is our flagship model. The TOXIC is responsible for more hunter harvests than can be counted. It has left devastation around the world and hunters everywhere, speechless. The TOXIC’s have claimed the lives of everything from Brown Bear to Javelina. The TOXIC’s comes in a 3-pack and also have replaceable blades available. (Sold separately)


KRATOS Broadheads

We at Flying Arrow Archery take our customers seriously. We value their advice and opinions which has led us to introduce new to you for 2020, the "KRATOS 100" The KRATOS 100 is a 2-blade, cut on contact, 100 grain mechanical broadhead. The KRATOS has been extensively tested around the World with epic results. Everything from giant Whitetails, large African Game and the Southern Wild Hogs of Texas have felt its lethality. The name KRATOS says it all. A symbol of strength and power. Whether your hunting out on the Great Eastern Plains of Montana or on the trail of that elusive Ohio Whitetail Buck you've been watching all season, the KRATOS will give you the accuracy, strength and confidence needed for any situation.

The KRATOS is built with a one piece machined 7075 aluminum ferrule, .040 thick stainless steel replaceable blade and a bone splitting 440 stainless steel tip. The KRATOS comes in 3-packs and is available for immediate shipment. (replaceable blades sold separately).


ORION Broadheads

Due to popular request, we stepped outside the box and built a more conventional style broadhead. With Flying Arrow Archery’s reputation for innovation, we couldn’t stop at conventional. The ORION SERIES broadheads are conventionality on steroids. This means a 1 piece, solid stainless steel, ferrule and tip designed to withstand the harshest of punishment. Blades that are so sharp, our assemblers have to wear specially designed gloves in order to handle without incurred blood loss. When talking about accuracy, the ORION SERIES will not let you down. The “Quick Change, Solid Lock” blades are offset at 1.5 degrees and are specifically designed to work in harmony with the arrows rotation. Durability, accuracy and replaceable blades are sure to please even the most finicky of archers anywhere around the globe.


PHARMAKON Broadheads

The PHARMAKON series broadheads, with their patented coring technology, are like no other broadhead in the industry. When it comes to pure devastation and bone crushing performance, look no further. One glance at the PHARMAKON SERIES broadheads and you'll see that they it speak for themselves. They have a solid 1 piece, stainless steel ferrule and tip. The new and improved 2018 “Quick Change, Solid Lock” blades provide a 7/8” cutting diameter and are heavier than the TOXIC’s for even more durability.