TOXIC Broadheads

Behold the original, patented coring broadhead that revolutionized the industry – the TOXIC. With a cult-like following and a reputation fit for royalty, the TOXIC is our flagship model, responsible for countless hunter harvests. It has left a trail of devastation worldwide, from Brown Bear to Javelina, leaving hunters speechless. Available in a 3-pack with replaceable blades sold separately, the TOXIC is not just a broadhead; it's a legend in the making. Elevate your hunting experience – choose the TOXIC!


BANJAX Broadheads


Experience the pinnacle of archery dominance with the revolutionary BANJAX 100-Grain Broadhead. Crafted for hunters who crave unmatched accuracy, this isn't just a broadhead; it's your game-changing secret weapon designed to exceed all expectations. Step into the future of precision hunting with BANJAX!

FERRUM Broadheads

Elevate your archery game with the FERRUM, meticulously crafted for superior performance. Experience precision penetration, mid-weight dominance, and engineered excellence. Upgrade your hunting arsenal with the FERRUM – the key to redefining success. Order now and join archers who demand precision and power.

KRATOS Broadheads

Introducing our 2-blade, cut-on-contact, 100-grain mechanical broadhead, the KRATOS 100. Tested globally for epic results, it's a symbol of strength and power. Whether in Montana or chasing an Ohio Whitetail Buck, the KRATOS delivers accuracy, strength, and confidence. Built with a one-piece machined 7075 aluminum ferrule, .040 thick stainless steel replaceable blade, and a bone-splitting 440 stainless steel tip. Available in 3-packs for immediate shipment. Elevate your hunting game – order the KRATOS 100 now!


ORION Broadheads

Popular demand led us to create the ORION SERIES broadheads – conventionality on steroids. With a one-piece solid stainless steel ferrule and tip, sharp blades, and "Quick Change, Solid Lock" technology, it's durability and accuracy in one. Upgrade your archery game with ORION SERIES!


PHARMAKON Broadheads

The PHARMAKON XP broadhead, featuring patented 2-blade coring technology, stands unrivaled in the industry. If you seek pure devastation and bone-crushing performance, your search ends here. A solid 1-piece stainless steel ferrule and tip, coupled with the new and improved "Quick Change, Solid Lock" blades, deliver a 1” cutting diameter for maximum durability. Elevate your hunt with the PHARMAKON XP – where innovation meets domination!