Bohning Ferr-L-Tite Cool-Flex®

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Ferr-L-Tite Cool Flex® is designed for points, inserts, outserts, and pin bushings on carbon shafts. This hot melt adhesive has flexible properties which keep it from cracking even after repeated target impacts. Cool Flex is a must for carbon shafts, but it also works great on aluminum and fiberglass. It requires a flame for installation, but just use HOT WATER for easy adjustment, replacement, or removal of points, inserts, outserts, and pin bushings. Cool Flex is fully cured as soon as it reaches room temperature (about 5 minutes), and its melting point is 280°F (137.8°C). Available in 12-gram sticks and 1-pound bricks. No expiration. Certified Crossbow Compatible. Proudly manufactured at the Bohning factory in Lake City, Michigan, United States.

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