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Kratos Crossbow 100 Grain 2 Blade 3 Pk.

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Unleash Dominance with the KRATOS CROSSBOW broadhead: Precision Crafted for Crossbow Hunters

Crafted for excellence, the KRATOS CROSSBOW is a 2-blade, cut-on-contact mechanical broadhead exclusively designed for precision crossbow hunting.


  • Customer-Driven Excellence: Crafted based on invaluable customer advice, delivering what crossbow hunters truly need.
  • Global Lethality: Proven worldwide against Whitetails, African Game, and Southern Wild Hogs, showcasing lethal performance.
  • Symbol of Strength: Named after Kratos, symbolizing strength and power, providing unparalleled accuracy for crossbow hunters.

Built for Dominance:

  • Machined Precision: Featuring a one-piece machined 7075 aluminum ferrule, ensuring robustness and precision.
  • Lethal Components: .040 thick stainless steel replaceable blades and a bone-splitting 440 stainless steel tip for maximum impact.

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