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Orion 3 Blade 100 Grain 3 Pk.

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Due to popular request, we stepped outside the box and built a more conventional style broadhead. With Flying Arrow Archery’s reputation for innovation, we couldn’t stop at conventional. The ORION 3 is conventionality on steroids. This means a 1 piece, solid stainless steel, ferrule and tip designed to withstand the harshest of punishment. Blades that are so sharp, our assemblers have to wear specially designed gloves in order to handle without incurred blood loss. When talking about accuracy, the ORION 3 will not let you down. The “Quick Change, Solid Lock” blades are offset at 1.5 degrees and are specifically designed to work in harmony with the arrows rotation. Durability, accuracy and replaceable blades are sure to please even the most finicky of archers anywhere around the globe. The ORION 3 heads come in a custom, easy carry, 3-pack, making them ideal for hunters when it comes to packing gear. The ORION 3’s also have replaceable blades available. (Sold separately)


  • 3-Blade Low Profile Design
  • 100 Grains
  • 1" Cutting Diameter
  • 1.5 Degree Offset Blades for Maximum Accuracy
  • Interchangeable Blades
  • One Piece Solid Stainless Steel Ferrule & Tip
  • (QCSL) Quick Change Solid Lock Technology
  • Bone Crushing Chisel Tip
  • Advanced Design for Maximum Sharpness & Durability



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