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Orion 4 - 4 Blade 125 Grain 3 Pk.

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Introducing the ORION 4: Revolutionizing 4-Blade Precision

By popular demand, Flying Arrow Archery presents the ORION 4 – a bold step in conventional yet extraordinary 4-blade broadheads. Born out of innovation, it's where tradition meets cutting-edge design.

Why Choose the ORION 4?

  • Conventional Excellence:
    • Testament to unconventional excellence, designed to surpass expectations in 4-blade broadheads.
  • Unmatched Precision:
    • One-piece, solid stainless steel ferrule and tip for enduring performance.
    • Razor-sharp blades for precision without blood loss.
  • Harmony with Accuracy:
    • "Quick Change, Solid Lock" blades with a 1" cutting diameter, offset at 1.5 degrees, ensuring perfect arrow rotation harmony.

ORION 4 Features at a Glance:

  • 4-Blade Low Profile Design:
    • Fusion of conventionality and advanced design.
  • 125 Grains:
    • Optimal weight for exceptional performance.
  • 1" Cutting Diameter:
    • Perfect balance between penetration and lethal impact.
  • 1.5 Degree Offset Blades:
    • Maximize accuracy with seamless arrow rotation.
  • Interchangeable Blades:
    • Flexibility of replaceable blades for sustained performance.
  • QCSL Technology:
    • Swift and secure blade changes with Quick Change Solid Lock Technology.
  • Bone Crushing Chisel Tip:
    • Chisel tip engineered for maximum bone-crushing impact.
  • Advanced Design:
    • Precision meets durability, tailored for archers worldwide.

Elevate Your Hunt with ORION 4: The ORION 4 heads come in a custom, easy-carry 3-pack, tailored for hunters who demand excellence in gear. Replaceable blades available separately, ensuring your ORION 4 broadheads are always at their devastating best.

Order Your ORION 4 Today: Don't settle for ordinary. Order your custom 3-pack of ORION 4 broadheads now and experience the precision, power, and durability that redefine the art of archery.

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