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Pharmakon XP - 2 Blade - 100 Grain 3 Pk.

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PHARMAKON XP: Unleash Devastation with Patented Coring Precision

The PHARMAKON XP broadhead, featuring revolutionary patented coring technology, stands unparalleled in archery for pure devastation and bone-crushing performance.

Key Features:

  • 2-Blade Low Profile Design:
    • Compact form for deadly accuracy.
  • 100 Grains:
    • Optimal weight for exceptional balance and performance.
  • 7/8" Cutting Diameter:
    • Unleash devastating impact with maximum penetration.
  • Interchangeable Blades:
    • Flexibility of replaceable blades for sustained performance.
  • One Piece Solid Stainless Steel Ferrule & Tip:
    • Robust seamless design for enduring strength.
  • (RCD) Radical Core Decompression Technology:
    • Revolutionary wound creation for lethal impact.
  • (QCSL) Quick Change Solid Lock Technology:
    • Swift and secure blade changes for continuous hunting efficiency.
  • Bone Crushing Chisel Tip:
    • Conquer bone with unmatched force.
  • New & Improved Blades:
    • Thicker, stronger, sharper - Enhanced durability and cutting precision.

Elevate Your Hunt with PHARMAKON XP: Custom 3-pack for easy carry, tailored for hunters demanding excellence. Order now and experience a new era of archery where devastation meets innovation.

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