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Toxic Broadhead 100 Grain 3 Pk.

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TOXIC Broadhead: Monarch of Precision and Power

Rule the hunt with TOXIC – a patented coring masterpiece celebrated for its unmatched precision and power. More than a broadhead, TOXIC is your game-changer.

Supreme Harvests: TOXIC reigns supreme, trusted for countless successful hunter harvests worldwide.

Global Performance: A force of nature, TOXIC transcends continents, rewriting the precision and power narrative.

Devastating Features:

  • Coring Style Head: Engineered for unparalleled accuracy.
  • 7/8” Cutting Diameter: Lethal strikes with precise devastation.
  • Bone-Crushing Chisel Tip: Penetrate with unparalleled force.
  • RCD Technology: Pinnacle of wound creation.

Three-Pack Dominance: TOXIC, in a three-pack, is always ready for a reign of precision. Enhance your arsenal with replaceable blades.

Legacy of Power: Elevate your hunt with TOXIC's legacy of power and precision. Order your three-pack now and unleash the monarch within. 

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