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Brass Inserts for Arrows and Crossbow Bolts -100 Grain-12Pk

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FOC Mastery: Elevate Your Arrows & Bolts with the 100 Grain Brass Inserts

Unleash the full potential of your arrows with our 100-grain brass inserts, meticulously designed to enhance your archery experience. Tailored to fit seamlessly into our .244 ID Quake, Nucleus, Tornado, and F5 arrows, these inserts offer a precision-engineered solution for archers seeking FOC (Front of Center) builds, precise broadhead tuning, and hard-hitting performance.

Key Features:

  1. Tailored for .244 ID Arrows: Precision-crafted to seamlessly integrate into our .244 ID arrows, including Quake, Nucleus, Tornado, and F5 models, ensuring a perfect fit for optimal performance.

  2. FOC Build Excellence: Ideal for FOC builds, these 100-grain inserts contribute to improved balance and stability, enhancing arrow flight and overall shooting performance.

  3. Broadhead Tuning Support: Achieve precision in broadhead tuning with these brass inserts, enabling you to fine-tune your setup for maximum accuracy and penetration.

  4. Versatile Compatibility: In addition to our brand arrows, these inserts fit all .244 arrows on the market, providing versatility for various archery setups.

  5. .300 Brass Inserts for Crossbow Bolts: The .300 brass inserts are perfectly suited for most crossbow bolts on the market, designed with specific compatibility for our Thunderbolt crossbow bolts.

Why Choose Our 100 Grain Brass Inserts?

  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality brass, these inserts provide durability, corrosion resistance, and consistent performance shot after shot.

  • FOC Optimization: Tailored for FOC builds, these inserts contribute to achieving the desired balance and stability crucial for effective arrow/bolt flight.

  • Broadhead Precision: Fine-tune your broadheads with confidence, knowing that these inserts support accurate and consistent performance.

Elevate Your Archery Setup:

Upgrade your setup with the precision and reliability of our 100 grain brass inserts. Experience enhanced FOC builds, broadhead tuning, and hard-hitting performance, bringing excellence to every shot.

Order Your 100 Grain Brass Inserts Today:

Take the next step in archery excellence. Order now to receive these meticulously designed brass inserts and elevate your shooting experience.

FOC Mastery. Broadhead Precision. Archery Excellence.

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