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Nucleus Arrows 12 Pk. - Bare Shafts (.001 straightness)

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“Meet the Nucleus – the epitome of excellence in standard diameter, .244 ID arrows. Crafted with precision from 40T high modulus carbon, the Nucleus stands as the absolute best in its class, designed for FOC (Front of Center) archers who demand nothing but the best.

Picture this – an arrow built with meticulous attention to detail, featuring a .244 internal diameter that defines the very essence of precision. The Nucleus is more than an arrow; it's a masterpiece, a testament to the pursuit of archery perfection.

Enhancing its performance, the Nucleus comes standard with Bohning nocks and 100-grain stainless steel inserts, adding weight and balance for optimal FOC customization. This is not just an arrow; it's the arrow of choice for archers who settle for nothing less than the absolute best money can buy.

Elevate your archery game with the Nucleus – where precision, power, and perfection converge. Unleash your potential with an arrow that redefines the standards and sets you on a path to archery excellence. This is not just an arrow; it's the Nucleus – because you deserve nothing but the best."


200 SPINE .244 ID 7.67 GPI .001 STRAIGHTNESS
250 SPINE .244 ID 6.76 GPI .001 STRAIGHTNESS

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