Element Series Arrows

Stainless Steel Insert for .244" ID Arrows 100 grain -12 Pk.

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FOC Build Excellence: Elevate Your Performance with .244 ID Precision Inserts (100 Grains)

Embrace FOC (Front of Center) builds with our precision-designed .244 ID inserts, tailored for optimal balance and hard-hitting performance. Versatile compatibility with F5, Nucleus, and Quake arrows.

Key Features: 

  • FOC Build Enhancement: 
    • Achieve superior balance and stability for precise arrow flight. 
  • Broadhead Tuning Support: 
    • Excel in broadhead tuning for maximum accuracy. 
  • .244 ID Compatibility: 
    • Tailored for F5, Nucleus, Quake arrows, and more in the specified range. 
  • Weighs 100 Grains: 
    • Adds 100 grains for effective FOC builds. 

Why Choose Our Inserts? 

  • Durable 420 Stainless Steel: 
    • Robust construction for reliability and long-term performance. 
  • FOC Build Optimization: 
    • Tailored for FOC builds, ensuring desired balance and stability. 
  • Versatile Compatibility: 
    • Fits .244 ID arrows, offering versatility for various archery setups. 

Enhance Your Archery:

Upgrade your FOC builds with these precision inserts. Experience improved accuracy, broadhead tuning, and hard-hitting performance.

Order Today:

Take your archery game to new heights. Order now for precision inserts tailored for .244 ID arrows.

FOC Excellence. Broadhead Precision. Unmatched Performance.

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